Pink October: together for the prevention of breast cancer

Pink October is an international movement to raise awareness about the importance of prevention in the fight against breast cancer. The date is celebrated annually since the early 1990s and aims to share information about the disease, from preventive care to cure. Thus, it aims to contribute to the reduction of mortality resulting from the disease.

In 2010, INCA, the National Cancer Institute (in Brazil), adopted the campaign. Since then, it promotes events and creates educational materials to contribute to spread information and news about protective factors and the importance of early diagnosis. In addition to the foundation, in Brazil and worldwide, the Pink October is adopted by several entities and brands, including Renylab!

With a work that converts technology into health, we believe that wellness is everyone’s right. Encouraging physical self-care, self-knowledge and ensuring acess to information is also one of our goals. After all, the commitment to the individuals development is part of the company’s practice.

How to prevent breast cancer?

The risk of developing breast cancer can be reduced with simple habits, which make a difference in everyday life. Maintain a healthy weight and practice physical activities, are forms of prevention. In addition, it is recommended to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages in excess. Another protective factor is breastfeeding, as it decreases hormones levels in the body.

Finally, as well as keep attention to their own bodies, it is essential that women keep routine exams up to date. The most common exam is mammography, an x-ray of the breasts that allows the visualization of suspicious changes, recommended after the age of 40. Self-examination, also essential, can be performed by all women over 20.

Ready to embrace this cause? Take care of yourself, love yourself and prevent cancer! Now and ever.