Blue November strengthens prostate cancer prevention

Blue November is a worldwide movement that reinforces the importance of prevention and early diagnosis of prostate cancer. Like the Pink October, the campaign aims to raise public awareness and promote the practice of healthy habits. Prostate cancer is the second most common type of cancer among Brazilian men, and the main victims are men over 50 years old. In addition, people with first-degree relatives diagnosed with the disease, such as father, brother or son, are also at risk.

Understand the subject better


It is a male gland, walnut shaped. It is below the bladder and in front of the rectum. The organ surrounds the initial portion of the urethra, and this tube is the one that eliminates urine from the bladder.


The man should look for a doctor if he notes signs or symptoms such as: difficulty to urinate, decreased urine flow, need to urinate more often during the day or night and presence of blood in the urine.


Prostate cancer can be clinically, laboratory or radiologically diagnosed (early diagnosis). There is also the PSA test. It should be done annually to monitor changes in the prostate. The result may indicate inflammation, infections, hyperplasia (benign growth) and prostate cancer. Rectal examination and PSA measurement indicate the need for prostate biopsy.

Be forewarned

Healthy habits decrease the risk of prostate câncer.

  • Maintain a healthy and balanced diet;
  • Do not smoke;
  • Identify and treat high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol problems;
  • Practice physical activities.